HATC to join M3 Group

M3 and HATC are delighted to announce heads of terms agreement for HATC to join the M3 group from 1 September 2021. Published: 14 June 2021 The agreement between the M3 Board and HATC Managing Director, Andrew Drury will help to maintain the success of HATC as one of the longest established consultancies specialising in …Read More »

Feasibility Studies galore……….

With the impending HCA Bid round, and LAs being encouraged to use their land to help with affordable housing supply, there’s a lot of feasibility study work to be done in a short timescale. We’re very pleased to be helping with this work for HA clients. Led by Damian Kearns, it’s clearly important to be …Read More »

Shelter publication driven by HATC model

This week, Shelter published their short report “At Any Cost? – The case for stable house prices in England “. The report draws on sophisticated modelling by HATC of the effect of a range of house price inflation scenarios on different households in different occupations in different parts of the country over the next 50 …Read More »

Flagship get new Design Brief

We are delighted to have been commissioned by Flagship Group to help them update their Design Brief. We have a strong track record in this area, having authored the National Housing Federation’s Standards & Quality in Development, Achieving Building for Life for the HCA, and many design guides for housing associations. An effective Design Brief …Read More »

Wiki-procedures in demand

We have been commissioned by several housing associations to provide them with our wiki-based, flowchart-driven process maps and procedure guides. The combination of visual appeal with explanatory text and standard documents being easily available is very appealing. Importantly, authorised users can easily edit the content themselves, with the benefits of: making it easy to keep …Read More »

80% pass rate for PM4AHD course 2012 increases number of professionally qualified staff in sector

We are delighted that 80% of the students on our 2012 Project Management for Affordable Housing Development course passed the Foundation Certificate in Project Management (aka the APMP qualification), and are therefore professionally qualified PMs. As the national average pass rate for the APMP qualification is less than 70%, we are very pleased with the …Read More »

100% success for “Introductory Certificate in Project Management” candidates in April & October courses

  We are delighted to report that all of the candidates at our Introductory Certificate in Project Management courses in April and both courses in October passed the APM’s exam and are now the proud owners of APM Certificates.   Congratualtions to them all.   This maintains our 2012 track record of 100% success, and …Read More »

4HG move to project-based culture

4 Housing Group are embedding their move to a project-based culture by providing accredited training in professional project management. We ran the two courses in-house for the Group in October (including the Introductory Certificate course) for staff from all operational teams. Everyone passed the APM exam, which was very pleasing. The tools and techniques learned …Read More »

Four Housing Group use HATC for interim Head of Development

Four Housing Group have asked Andrew Drury to act as Interim Head of Development for a six month period with immediate effect. Andrew’s role will be to support the existing award-winning Development team, assist with the strategic direction, and help with the department’s continually improving processes balancing internal control with flexibility and responsiveness.   Dawn …Read More »

Shelter want to know….rising house prices – good or bad?

Over the long term – even allowing for the occasional “wobble” – house prices have run well ahead of inflation for decades. Rising house prices has been seen as an economic  feel-good factor, socially divisive (the asset-rich and the asset-poor), and as a substitute for state benefits covering pensions and care in old age. Is …Read More »

Housing Plus successfully recruit with HATC help

In February we helped Housing Plus to recruit a Senior Development Officer. The work involved advising on which competences should be assessed by test, and which by interview, devising technical tests and being part of the interview panel. The recruitment process proved successful and we wish Housing Plus and their new Senior Development Officer all …Read More »

GBB Fund – a great help?

We are working with a housing association and private developer to obtain Get Britain Building funding from the HCA. Although a relatively small pot of funding (£420m), announced in the Government’s Housing Strategy published in December, it is a classic example of a little going a long way. We hope that this application will allow …Read More »

Innovative funding model to unfreeze blocked scheme

HATC acts as Development Agent for a small housing association that is negotiating to pre-purchase some dwellings from a private developer. The scheme has stalled for many months due to a relatively small shortfall in the funding that the developer has been able to raise. To speed up delivery of this much-needed housing – both …Read More »

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Website! We have redesigned it from the ground up and are very please with the results. We would love to know what you think so if you have any comments (both positive and negative) or suggestions please drop us a note!

HATC appointed by GLA for London Housing Standards report.

We are delighted to have been appointed by the GLA to take a snapshot of the quality of private housing being developed in the capital. The Replacement London Plan includes a policy setting minimum residential floor areas for different dwelling types. In addition, the requirements of the Interim London Housing Design Guide will be reflected …Read More »

HATC brings wiki-power to Orbit projects.

HATC are harnessing the power of wiki’s to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of project control at Orbit Homes. We have been commissioned by Orbit to deliver a wikipedia-style knowledge base, which can be shared across the Development Division and wider organisation. The online information and search tool will capture, organise and store everything from …Read More »

Sentinel invest in the Development Team

Sentinel HA have also decided to commission a training needs analysis for the Development  team, drawing on HATCs    Competency    Development  Framework.  This is a growing area of our work, and is, we believe, a reflection of the desire of affordable housing providers to run their programmes ever more efficiently and effectively.

Genesis HG skills up for tough times ahead

London-based Genesis HG is responding to challenging times by skilling up their Development &  Regeneration  teams.  We  were  commissioned  in late 2009 to  undertake  a  training  needs  analysis  of  all  staff  using    HATCs    Competency    Development  Framework as the basis for assessment.  The result has been a targeted and focused development  programme  aimed  at  enhancing  the …Read More »

London and South East housing up to ‘one-third smaller’ than minimum requirements

A new report by the HATC Ltd, supported by the Royal Institute of British Architects, today reveals how housebuilders are often building properties up to one-third smaller than the minimum requirements set out in good-practice benchmarks. The research, titled Room to Swing A Cat? reviewed the range of sizes of new flats and houses being …Read More »