Professional PM Courses

We provide project management courses that comply with the relevant syllabus set by the Association of Project Management (APM), the Chartered body for project management in the UK. These courses conclude with an examination that is set and marked by the APM. Successful candidates can therefore demonstrate real professional achievement by completing these courses.

As we work primarily in the world of affordable housing, the illustrations, examples and case studies used on these courses are set in that sector.

Why study Project Management?

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Project Fundamentals Qualification

(previously known as the Introductory Certificate in Project Management)

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For more details or to book a place on one of our open courses, go to this webpage and look for the Project Fundamentals Qualification course, and click on the course title.

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The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is designed to enable successful candidates to understand the language of project management and the structure of a successful project.  It is relevant for those involved in projects from Inception onwards – in fact it is most helpful in the early stages in a project’s life.

This course is essential for affordable housing development & regeneration staff with less than one year’s experience of delivering projects and is very useful for those with many  years of experience who want to formalise their knowledge and learn the basic tools and techniques of professional project management.

We are the only accredited provider who operates primarily in the affordable housing sector.


Project Management for Affordable Housing Development

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This course provides a professionally-recognised qualification in project management – the PMQ (Project Management Qualification), delivered within the context of affordable housing development and regeneration.

This 9-day course is structured over three study periods.

Approximately 2/3rds of the course time is dedicated to in-depth learning about project management tools and techniques, with the remaining time spent on a structured case-study undertaken in groups, testing students ability to apply what they have learned.

For more details about this course, click here and look for the Project Management for Affordable Housing Development course, and click on the course title..

We also offer this course on an in-house basis. Please email for details.