Recruitment, Reward & Retention

Recruitment, Reward & RetentionLosing good staff can be crippling. Sensible organisations try hard to retain their high-performing staff, and to develop staff with potential into high-level performers. There is also the difficult question of finding the best candidates when recruiting.

We can help you recruit good staff and then keep them, through a variety of initiatives:


It’s not just about setting out the duties – it’s important to be clear about accountabilities. Without this, assessment of candidates suitabilities (and subsequent performance reviews) tend to be very “soft”.

From duties and accountabilities come requirements for expertise and competency. Everybody draws on generic competencies such as problem-solving and people management. We can advise on the technical and professional competencies involved in delivering affordable housing projects and programmes, and how to test whether your candidates have them.

Technical & Professional Assessments

We can develop technical and professional assessments for you to use as part of your recruitment process. These will test applicants understanding of, and ability to manage, key technical topics and can sit alongside assessments for generic competences.

Training Needs Analysis

We developed the HATC Competency Matrix in conjunction with Notting Hill Housing Group and other leading housing associations. It consists of 35 key topics relevant to affordable housing development and regeneration. It also contains a detailed description of the levels of knowledge needed from entry-level posts to Head of Development grade. It forms a robust basis for identifying knowledge gaps, and from which individual or team-wide training needs programmes or Competency Development programmes can be developed.

Training / Competency Development Programmes

Based on the results of training needs analysis, and drawing on our knowledge of the range of training opportunities offered, we can prepare programmes to develop the competencies of individuals and/or teams. With the ever-increasing focus on ensuring value for money, we have noticed a significant increase in demand for these services in recent years.

A further refinement of these programmes has allowed us, with Southern Housing Group, to develop competency assessment methods that can be used as part of a Development and/or Asset Management department’s Reward & Retain activities. Read More »

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