On-Demand Courses

We offer a wide range of property development topics suitable for affordable housing providers – and others – whether in New Business teams, Delivery teams and / or Regeneration teams. Some of these courses feature in our Open Courses programme, and others are run on demand, in-house.

Running Courses In-house

In-house can be the most cost-effective solution for you where you have approximately 6 or more people wishing to attend the same course.  Run in the convenience of your own offices, avoiding the time and cost of staff travel, an additional advantage is that it is more private, perhaps allowing more open discussion of issues that would be appropriate in an Open Course.

In-house course fees vary depending upon the level of the course (introductory, intermediate etc) and the number of people attending.  A course fee the matrix is at the bottom of this webpage.

To arrange an in-house course, please e-mail training@hatc.co.uk or call us on (01943) 604259.

Course List

Introductory Courses

Suitable for operational staff, managers, directors and Board members or Councillors new to RP property development, and RP suppliers (consultants and contractors) who wish to understand their clients better).

Course Days
Funding Affordable Housing 1
Understanding the Development Process 2
Development For Operations Staff: When and how to exert influence 1
Development Issues for Board Members or Councillors 1 hr – 1 day

Intermediate Courses

Suitable for project officers new to RP development who are still moving towards the expected level of competency for their role OR others who wish to have a better understanding of the key processes of RP development and regeneration.

Course Days
Intermediate Development 1: Acquisition 2
Intermediate Development 2: Design & Planning 2
Intermediate Development 3: Building contracts, construction & beyond 2
Project Management Overview – An Introduction to professional project management 1
How to do a Feasibility Study ½
Project Financial Viability 1
Project Programming – the ESSENTIAL tool  for project control. 3
The Planning Regime (policy, plans and development control) 1
Understanding (urban) design & Building for Life 1
Introduction to Construction* – construction methods, issues and a tame builder 1
Understanding the Strategic Background (Business Plans & Development Strategies) ½
Affordable Housing for Planners (for LA planning officers) 1

Developmental Courses

For project managers needing higher level skills to undertake more complex schemes or deliver tighter programmes.

Course Days
Getting the Best out of: The Consultant Team – how to be an effective client 1
Getting the Best out of: The Design Team* – managing the design process 1
Getting the Best out of: Valuers – understanding valuation reports and issues 1
Introduction to Negotiation 1
Project Risk Management – managing risks in a professional manner 1
Value Management – how to get more for less ½
Controlling Change – how to deliver closer to target ½
Project Scheduling & Tracking – Gantt charts demystified 3
Better Procurement (selecting design & construction procurement route, supplier selection and contract award) 1
Capital Costs & Whole Life Costs – concepts and data sources ½

Advanced Courses

For managers, Directors and Board members who wish to explore strategically important aspects of programme delivery or higher level project delivery issues.

Course Days
Planning Contributions in Detail (seminar) (how to optimise S106 contributions) ½
Project Quality Management – getting the right stuff, not the second rate ½
Stakeholder Management – getting and keeping people on-side ½
Programme Management – getting the linkages to secure the benefits with the resources ½

See the in-house options for the PROJECT FUNDAMENTALS QUALIFICATION.

In-House course fee matrix

NB – these costs are PER DAY. They are NOT per delegate.

Example: the fee for a 1-day Introductory course for 6-10 people is £1,895. For a 2-day Introductory course (for the same number of people ) it is £3,790.

Course Level Number Of Delegates
1-5 6-10 11-16
Introductory £1695 £1895 £2095
Intermediate £1895 £2095 £2295
Developmental £2095 £2295 £2495
Advanced £2295 £2495 £2695


  • Courses marked with an asterix (*) are delivered by two speakers. Fees for these courses are 150% of the rate in the matrix.
  • Half-day courses are charged at 70% of the daily rate.
  • The Project Scheduling course is three days, but is only charged at 2½ days
  • The Development Issues for Board Members course is quoted for upon request.

PLEASE NOTE 1: The in-house training figures are course fees only. Expenses and VAT are in addition.

PLEASE NOTE 2: We try to ensure that in-house course material meets your particular requirements. We can tailor course content without charge if it means using already-prepared material from other courses. However, if you require new material to be authored, we will confirm the cost of that tailoring, as part of our quote for you.

PLEASE NOTE 3: We are happy to absorb travelling time of approximately 1 hour each way, but will need to charge if the travelling time encroaches into working time. Again, we will identify this cost in our quote, so that the position is clear before you decide whether to commission us.

PLEASE NOTE 4: If you don’t have enough in-house people to make an On-Demand course cost-effective, we are happy to run a mixed On-Demand / Open course in your offices for you, to which other local colleagues can be invited. It reduces your costs significantly. If this idea is appealing, please ask for a quote.