Financial Viability Appraisal Explained

Thoroughly needed, well presented in a clear and relevant manner.  Confident and knowledgeable presenter, also able to manage participants’ expectations – and behaviours!

Leslie Clarke

Senior Development Manager, BPHA


This course explains the main ways in which financial viability for housing schemes is assessed, covering housing for rent, shared ownership and outright sale. It explains terms such as yield, payback, discounted cash flows, net present value, internal rate of return and others, so that users of viability appraisal tools understand what these figures mean.

This course is suitable for Development and Regeneration staff who are new to the discipline, staff from other teams within Registered Providers who are drafted into Development project teams, senior managers and Board members who wish to understand the typical financial viability thresholds used in RPs and other organisations.

Course Plan

This course covers the following subject areas:

  1. Common Financial Appraisal Methods (vs Valuation Methods)
  2. Profit / Loss
  3. Cost / Value
  4. Payback Period (simple)
  5. Gross & Net Yields
  6. Discounted Cash Flows
  7. Net Present Value
  8. Internal Rate of Return
  9. Use & Abuse of Appraisals


Duration: 1 day

Intensive interactive learning with exercises. This course is available in both classroom and virtual format.

Suggested Preparation

A comprehensive handout is provided in electronic format.

The best text for future reference is Developing Affordable Housing, published by the National Housing Federation. It is available here.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this module.


On completion of this course you will be provided with an HATC certificate.

Neil Clements


Neil has been in the affordable housing sector for most of his career, but also has experience in the contracting market having worked for a main, national, building contractor. He has also worked in the private housing development sector, having spent over 3 years as Development Director for a developer in the South-West.