HATC has published a number of guides, some on commission and two ourselves. These are mostly in the area of affordable and social housing property development. Our Procedure Guides have proved popular, and we see this as a growth area over the next few years.

If you would like more information about these publications, or want to discuss how we may be able to assist you, please contact us.

London Housing Standards report published

We were commissioned by the Greater London Authority to review the standards of housing being developed in London in 2009/2010 i.e. before the GLA published their Interim London Housing Design Guide. The purpose of the study was to take a snapshot of pre-Guide housing standards so that future studies would show the effect of the …Read More »

Room to Swing A Cat?

This HATC-funded piece of research investigated the amount and use of space in new dwellings in London & the South East. We measured up the plans of 90 dwellings then being marketed in London and the south-east and analysed how the space was used. This included looking at the range of dwelling sizes, how much …Read More »

Developing Affordable Housing

Developing Affordable Housing is  the standard text for Development or Regeneration team members, or for others who wish to understand the process, such as Directors and Board members. It is a comprehensive starter-guide to commissioning & building new homes. Commissioned and published by the National Housing Federation, the first edition was written by Richard Broomfield. …Read More »

Resident Satisfaction with Space in the Home

This report was commissioned by CABE in 2009. Written by Andrew Drury of HATC Ltd with support from Gary Welch and Nick Allen of Ipsos-MORI, it gives the results of a postal survey of 11,000 households in London and south-east probing their levels of satisfaction with the variety of aspects of the space in their …Read More »

Achieving Building for Life

In 2007 the Housing Corporation introduced the Building for Life criteria as part of their compliance requirements set out in Design & Quality Standards. This emphasis on urban design was new to housing associations, and so we were commissioned to prepare a “how-to” guide, explaining the background to each of the Building for Life questions, …Read More »

Guide to Standards & Quality in Development

First published in 1998 by the NHF, the second edition of this seminal good-practice design guide was published in 2008. Heavily used throughout the affordable housing sector by architects, housing association Development teams and builders, it has been very influential. It is available from the RIBA Bookshop, or from the National Housing Federation.

Housing Space Standards (GLA, 2006)

The Greater London Authority commissioned HATC to answer two questions: should the GLA set minimum dwelling sizes through their planning powers, and could they? Our report answered both those questions. You can download the report for free. It is in PDF format, so please make sure that you have a PDF reader on your computer. …Read More »