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What’s your view on leasehold practices?

This is a copy of an article published on the RIBA website on 2nd August 2017   A clampdown on leasehold abuses has been announced by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, with the launch of a consultation on the outlawing of leaseholds on new build homes and the merits of restricting ground rents to zero. The recent …Read More »

Why study Project Management?

I have worked almost exclusively in and for HA Development teams since the early 1980s. In my first 15 years I worked in 5 HAs, progressing from Development Assistant to Group Development Director of a regional HA, delivering lots of projects in the custom and practice manner of Development teams. I must have been quite …Read More »

HATC response to Housing Standards Review Technical Consultation on Nationally Described Space Standard

[This is our response to  the Government’s consultation on a national space standard for dwellings. The Government is consulting on a number of issues including accessibility, security, water usage etc.  This response only comments on the proposed national space standard. To see the Housing Standards Review Technical Consultation on Nationally Described Space Standard to which we are responding, …Read More »

This Government does Maslow – apart from housing.

  Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of needs is a useful tool to help think about people’s needs from the most basic  to progressively higher levels of civilised life.  The model talks of the most basic needs as being physiological (having food, air, water, sleep etc), then the need for safety and security, love and …Read More »

CIL & S106 – the worst of all worlds? Call for CIL(AH)

Last month the National Housing Federation held a one-day conference on the newly-emerging world of land-use planning. It was very useful to hear from one of the authors of the draft National Planning Policy Framework about the careful thought that had gone into its preparation – it gave one confidence.   It was unsurprising to …Read More »

Putting trust in the future of Housing Associations

What do recent events at News International and the banks have in common with affordable rent conversions in 2011, PFI contracts in 2002 and Community Land Trusts? The common factor is trustworthiness – having it or lacking it. All of these matters have tested the trust we place in our key institutions and, as Housing …Read More »

Minimising Waste in Housebuilding – A Broader Approach for Planners

Sunand Prasad and Andrew Drury. Estate redevelopment is just so satisfying and progressive. Residents may have to suffer a decant or two but they get desirable, energy-efficient new homes in place of their tired out and unsuitable old homes. But does the need to count carbon change all that? The question we want to address …Read More »

Parker Morris – holy grail or wholly misguided?

If we are to build functional, adaptable homes with a long lifespan, we need internal space standards for housing based on an up-to-date, robust evidence base about how people use space in the home, says Andrew Drury. Unlike the rest of Europe, England has no national minimum dwelling space standards. England also has – and …Read More »

Compound X – Regulation’s Secret Ingredient

A recurrent nightmare of developing RSL’s has quietly raised its head and peeked out from Brussels. Social Housing Grant (SHG) might be considered by the European Union as an unfair form of subsidy, to be opened up to competition.  This prospect is not new. Every few years the idea of opening up SHG to house …Read More »

Public & Private

The private finance initiative is taking some knocks from the unions, but chancellor Gordon Brown wants to stick with it. However, with some suppliers expressing concerns over the costs of bidding and their risks, the government needs to ensure that its PFI model is designed to be attractive. In the housing world, it isn’t. PFI …Read More »

REALLY Partnering the ADP!

As the Development teams get to grips with the recently issued Bidding guidance from the Housing Corporation, staff and members of the Associations will be wondering if this the last time they will be playing this game.  After the Corporation’s discussion paper “Partnering Through the ADP”, should come a Consultation paper, and then a decision.  …Read More »