Building, Contracts and Managing On-site Developments

Excellent course –  informative, interesting and inspiring. The topics were very well presented and all relevant, and the course material is a really useful reference tool.  It was also helpful to have the opportunity to discuss areas of particular relevance in greater depth.

Attended the Building, Contracts and Managing On-site Developments course.

Bernadette Kiernan

Project Co-ordinator, Southwark Council


This course follows on from Understanding the Development Process, and looks in more detail at the construction procurement process, types of building contracts focusing on the JCT D&B 2016 form including important clauses and their application, an overview of the stages and elements of construction and then how to be an effective client during the construction, including managing the contractor and team and then managing handover and the defect management process.

This course is suitable for Development and Regeneration staff who are reasonably new to the discipline, and staff from other teams within Registered Providers who are drafted into Development project teams.

Course Plan

This course covers the following subject areas:

  1. Building contracts
    • Types of contract, key client obligations and how risks are distributed
  2. Basic construction
    • The main stages & trades involved in the construction process
  3. On-site management
    • Payment, decisions and programme
  4. Handover & beyond
    • The snagging process
    • What is PC?
    • Defects – what they are (and what they are not)
    • Effective defect management & common problems
    • Latent defects & how to manage them


Duration: 2 days

Intensive interactive learning with exercises. This course is available in both classroom and virtual format.

Suggested Preparation

Before coming on the course please review the following documents, and bring a copy with you to the course:

  1. A copy of a signed building contract for a scheme currently on-site or recently completed. This should be the full Form of Contract, not just the Contract Particulars pages. Please don’t bring all the associated contract documents – the ERs, Contractor’s proposals etc – that would be too bulky to carry!
  2.  A copy of a contractor’s programme for a scheme (could be the same scheme as the one above, or a different one)
  3. A copy of a Contractor’s application for payment and the EA’s Interim Certificate for the same month
  4. A copy of a contractor’s Monthly Site Meeting Report (assuming you get them)

If you are unsure what documents will give you this information, ask your manager who should be able to help.

You will find it helpful to look over the relevant Topics in Developing Affordable Housing, published by the National Housing Federation. It is available here.

Entry Requirements

This course is designed to follow on from the Understanding the Development Process course. It is preferable, although not essential, that delegates should either have attended that course or have an equivalent level of knowledge.


On completion of this course you will be provided with an HATC certificate.

Neil Clements


Neil has been in the affordable housing sector for most of his career, but also has experience in the contracting market having worked for a main, national, building contractor. He has also worked in the private housing development sector, having spent over 3 years as Development Director for a developer in the South-West.